We thank you so much for supporting our small business. We thought it would be important to be transparent about certain details concerning our products listed below😊:

🔎No Item is Identical

Due to our handmade process, it is not possible to make every individual item the exact same as the next one. This adds to our unique style of products! Each item has its own design and pattern, as shown in the product photos.

🫧Air Bubbles

There may be air bubbles present due to the handmade process. Using epoxy resin to coat our phone cases may result in air bubbles. Epoxy resin is also used in our keyrings. We use heat to pop as many air bubbles as possible, but some may still arise. Not to worry, however, our design remains unaffected.

🚰Leaking onto Side

At times, the epoxy resin used to coat our phone cases may run down the sides of the case and harden during the handmade process. We try our best to avoid this, but it may still occur. However, it does not affect the design or functionality of the case.

🖌️Gaps in Coating

We coat each of our cases by hand with epoxy resin, therefore, it is possible for some areas of the surface to not be completely coated, especially on the washi tape areas of our Scrapbook cases. This will not affect the functionality or design of the case and neither will the tape displace or come off of the case.

When epoxy resin is used as a coating, it is a liquid and after 24 hours, it hardens and fully cures as time passes. While in its liquid state, the resin will move around the decorations on the surface of the case and may expose the washi tape or dried flower to air instead of encapsulating it. We use 2 to 3 coats of epoxy resin per case to avoid this event from occurring, but it may still happen due to the handmade process.


Our phone cases may yellow after some time, it is a naturally occurring event due to the silicone material used to make the case itself. To prevent this:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight or other light exposure
  • Avoid extreme climate conditions, such as high temperatures and high humidity


Please do not use rubbing alcohol to clean any of our products as it is too harsh and will strip away its shine and may leave scratches. To clean our products, use soap and water, or a disinfectant wipe.

🏆Gold Hardware Fading

The gold hardware used in our keychains is not real gold and will fade after some time. To prevent this, avoid exposure to water or other fluids.

💕Phone Charms

Our phone charms are not to be used as wristlets. They are meant to be used as a decoration to beautify your phone accessory. Bearing the weight of your phone can cause the charm to break or come apart.


Our stickers are made and cut by us, however some are outsourced as well. Please avoid prolonged exposure or submersion to water! This will eventually seep into the edges of the sticker and affect its adhesive. It will not occur with everyday wash and rinse of certain items, such as water bottles. Colors may differ depending on display monitor and photo printing

📖Sticker Sheets

Some slight cutting errors may be present, such as misalignment. We try our best to avoid this, however it may happen from time to time due to human error.


We take pride in each jewelry piece made by us. The general hardware of all pieces is made of stainless steel (lobster clasps, extender chain, jump ring loops). However, additional metal charm pieces are NOT stainless steel, they are made of zinc alloy. Please note when choosing from our selections, as some may have allergies to certain metals. We will do our best to disclose what each metal type is in each listing.